Why Creaider?

A Marketplace of Ideas.

We believe in creators and their audiences being able to determine what content to reward. We will only take down fraudulent accounts or as applicable restrictions require. We are (for now) bound by the Stripe Terms of Service.

How will you make money?

Support us like your favorite content creators.

We want to separate supporting us, from supporting your favorite content. By having this separation, any decisions we may be forced to make in the future will be accountable to the people who support us directly. We do not want to make you have to have to pull support from the creators you care about, because you disagree with something we have done.

Should I Trust Creaider With My Financial Information?

We use Stripe.

Stripe is a 3rd party payment processor, no payment information is stored on our servers. If you want to learn more about Stripe and their terms of service click here.

How can we contact Creaider?

Feel free to email us.

Send us an email at admin@creaider.org . We will do our best to respond transparently and in a timely manner.

Will Creaider protect my privacy?

We'll do our best.

While we cannot offer any guarantees, as exploits are found in software regularly, we will do our best to keep our software as secure as possible. We recognize that staying pseudonymous is important to people for a variety of reasons. We will respect your privacy options on the site. If any holes or exploits are found, please contact us at admin@creaider.org.

What if I have a complaint against another user on Creaider?

We will stay uninvolved unless legally required to do otherwise.

We would prefer to stay out of any drama or conflicts between our users. We ask the supporters of the content creators on our site to exercise their own judgement in who is worthy of their money.

We Care Deeply About Enabling Financial Independence

We want everyone with an audience, no matter how large or small, to be able to have that audience support their endeavors. Whether they are photographers, gamers, political commentators, journalists, or musicians. Creaider is for any and all independent creators to help build reliable income.