A Marketplace For Ideas

We are a community of creators and donors who believe in the free exchange of ideas.

Publish Content On Your Terms

Reach Your Audience

We want to enable creators to be able to create the content they and their audience want. We want you to draw funding from your audience to accomplish your ambitions. We want as much money as possible to go to you, because you earned it.

Contribute to Content Creators

We Get Out Of Your Way

We want to meddle in the relationship between content creators and their audience as little as possible. Which is why we take no cut of your donations to content creators. We will be supported through your contributions and have to live up to the same standards as the creators on our platform. We do not seek to be leeches on your goodwill towards your favorite content creators.

No need to be attached to advertisers

Achieve Independence

We believe that the internet is moving towards more direct means of contribution for funding. We hope to help facilitate this move as we believe it is better to have an internet that is self sufficient and where users are no longer the product, but can support the projects and people they believe in.

No need to pay fees to support your creators

We take no cut

The payment processor fee is the only fees that you will pay. We are looking at ways to minimize this as much as possible, and looking at ways to encorporate cryptocurrencies so we will no longer have to be tied to the Stripe terms of service.